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Well, I’m proud to say that out of our past two CSA shares, we were able to eat about 95% of the vegetables with the other 5% unfortunately ending up in the compost heap that I am semi-obsessed with. The soil in our back yard turns out to be super fertile, but I am tending that compost for when we turn over the garden beds in the fall. My plan is to double our own garden next year. Um. . . and I may have convinced the husband that we need a glass house so I can extend my growing season. I want all the fresh and local veggies and fruits!


CSA Share

The past two weeks of our CSA have been chock full of lettuces again, with the addition of lots of kale, zucchini, dill, cucumbers, more garlic scapes, and some onions. Oh, and parsley. What do you do with a TON of parsley? I like to chew on it on its own, but I don’t really have many recipes for fresh parsley!

We’ve been working to meal plan so that we include all of the beautiful fresh veggies we are receiving. One of the best ways to use up different types of lettuce, is grilling it up and serving with a delicious dressing. I had my first grilled lettuce at Diavola in Geyserville, California on a heavenly wine country trip, and I was sold at first bite. Once lightly grilled, an entire head of lettuce is appealing to me. We have been serving with a good bottled Caesar dressing. Grilled lettuce is so simple but really changes up the flavors and textures and makes salad a little more exciting.

grilled lettuce

Shrimp and dill are perfect together, so one Friday night we made shrimp in a frothy dill butter sauce. My favorite shrimp dish is my shrimp with dill and sambuca, but we were missing some of the ingredients. This did the trick. With a salad, of course. Winking smile

shrimp and dill butter

Speaking of salads, we’ve been eating a LOT of them. Kale and all sorts of greens come together for a filling bowl, topped with chopped garlic scapes and a homemade buttermilk dill dressing.

dill buttermilk dressing

For this dressing, I simply mixed buttermilk, a bit of sour cream, salt, pepper, and dill and poured over shredded kale and lettuce. It was fresh, tangy, and super easy.


dill buttermilk dressing

While eating our entire CSA still remains a challenge, we are loving it, especially the email we get every Tuesday letting us know what’s growing that week. I love how each delivery depends on what the weather is doing, though I am sure this makes farming stressful!

What summer produce recipes are you loving lately?

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Our  Red Fire Farm CSA is in its third week today, and we are trying to get into a groove of receiving ALL the vegetables at once on a Friday night (not our best move during boat season).

Our second week of our CSA produced lots of greens, as the first one did. This week we had spinach, mixed greens, pea tendrils, garlic scapes, cabbage, zucchini, cilantro, and strawberries.

Red Fire Farm CSA

Everything is so fresh, which is amazing, but it also goes bad pretty quickly, and we have found ourselves in a race to try to eat as much as possible. Red Fire Farm doesn’t offer a half share option, so I would definitely look into sharing with a friend next time around.

What have we done so far with our second week of our CSA?

We made smoothies! The strawberries and handfuls of spinach and salad greens went into a blender with ice, coconut milk, and chia seeds for refreshing breakfast treats.

We made grilled salmon with garlic scape butter melted over top. Garlic scapes are so full of garlic flavor with a nice green flavor as well. Be sure to have mints on hand if you are eating this!

grilled salmon with garlic scape butter

I worked some of the zucchini and cabbage into veggie scrambles. A few eggs, some grated Kerrygold Dubliner, salt, pepper, and veggies make for a really filling and healthy meal.

veggie scramble

I’ve also made tons of salads with the veggies. Our salmon was served atop massive bowls of lettuces, spinach and sweet pea tendrils (so good!), and I made loads of a simple, crisp, refreshing cucumber salad. This salad is as easy as thinly slicing cucumbers and red onion, then tossing them in a mix of rice vinegar with a pinch of sugar and adding crushed red pepper and salt. I came to crave this salad on warm days during the week, and vinegar helps to make it last a few days. It’s best super cold.

cucumber salad

We’re still tossing some wilted produce on our compost, but I am hoping that as the weeks go on I will be able to get more creative in either using or preserving all of the goodness these wonderful farmers bring!

Suggestions on how to squeeze more produce into our diets, especially on weeks when we are barely home, are always welcome!

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Summer Fridays mean CSA pickup for us! This is our first year choosing a CSA over farmers market finds, and we have decided to go with Red Fire Farm because we loved their organic approach and pickup location in Cambridge between our jobs. As corporate frankenfarming takes over more of our food supply and makes us so much less healthy as a whole, we’re happy to support young farmers and healthy land. The people growing our food are not only steward of the land but stewards of our health, and we are going to try to prepare and eat everything they grow with love.

We were more than a little excited to peek into the first week box of our 20 week CSA. It was full of green things, very welcome after a long winter. Our CSA box included strawberries, green garlic, several types of lettuce, a parsnip, broccoli, cilantro, and radishes. It all looked and smelled so earthy.

Red Fire Farm CSA

Red Fire Farm CSA

Now that Friday nights are CSA nights, they are also date at home nights, time for cooking and drinking good wine and relaxing after a busy week. Our first CSA and its green garlic inspired me to make a simple pesto.

green garlic pesto

I added a large handful of fully cleaned green garlic, bulbs, greens and all, into the Ninja blender, along with a few glugs of olive oil. On top of that, I added parmesan cheese, a half cup of walnuts, salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder, since green garlic can be mild.

green garlic pesto

I blended it all into a nice paste, adding oil as I went along, and used the green garlic pesto to top bowtie pasta, shrimp, and our CSA spinach and broccoli.

green garlic pesto

We washed it down with a lovely Chardonnay from our North Fork trip and paired it with the end of our Orange is the New Black season two binge.

Friday nights at home with our fresh, organic CSA veggies have never been better. I can’t wait to see what summer brings.

Are you shopping at local farmers markets or participating in a farm share or CSA?

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