Millennial Travel Statistics 2019

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Do Millennials actually differ from previous generations in their travel styles?


The data may reveal that’s true.


Some call it the wanderlust generation – a group dreaming to become full time travel bloggers and quit their 9 to 5 job. Let’s take a look at the stats.


2019 Millennial Travel Trends: Infographic (blog.winspireme.com)

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  • Millennials range in age from 23 to 38, meaning many are becoming parents.
  • While 79% of Millennial travel is domestic, one in three Millennials are planning to take an international trip in the next 24 months.
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Travel statistics to know about in 2019 and 2020 (trekksoft.com)

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  • At TrekkSoft, we know how valuable travel statistics can be to our customers, so every six months we do all the research and collate our findings in one place.
  • Each December we release the highly anticipated  annual travel trends report filled with survey results and expert opinion, and then in July we publish our  travel statistics to know report  which is an update of what has changed and what to expect in the year ahead.
  • Google data found that hotels and flights are booked in advance of 12 weeks.
  • Gen Alpha, which refers to those born after 2010, is showing more signs of influencing family travel decisions and planning than previously thought, according to Expedia Group Media Solutions.


Stats: Millennials to Travel 35 Percent More in 2017, According to MMGY (travelagentcentral.com) – Jun 29 2017

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  • This year’s study predicts that the approximately 60 million traveling households in the U.S. will spend up to $5 billion less on leisure travel, which is less than a 1 percent dip from its eight-year high in 2016.
  • The 9.5 million households that are American Millennial families, however, intend to spend 19 percent more on vacations during the next 12 months and intend to travel 35 percent more than the previous year.
  • Over two-thirds of travelers visited at least one attraction while on vacation, and these approximately 41.5 million households took a combined 150.9 million vacations and spent $306.1 billion on leisure travel during the past 12 months.
  • The nationally representative survey of 2,902 U.S. adults, who have taken at least one overnight trip of 75 miles or more from home during the previous 12 months, includes 2,013 households with an annual income between $50,000 and $124,999; 725 households with an annual income between $125,000 and $249,999; and 164 households with an annual income of more than $250,000.


U.S. Millennials Travel the Most but Gen Z Is on the Rise (skift.com) – Oct 02 2017

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  • The behavior of millennials garners plenty of attention, but Generation Z is growing in importance for travel marketers.
  • Expedia Media Solutions , Expedia’s advertising arm, polled 1,001 U.S. travelers who booked a trip online in the last year on their behavior and preferences.
  • Results show that millennials (ages 24 to 35) travel the most, 35 days each year, but were followed closely by Generation Z travelers (ages 18 to 23), who travel 29 days each year.
  • They know where they want to go before starting to plan a trip, with 55 percent already knowing their destination, and more than two in three traveled to visit family in the last year.


4 Insights on Millennial Travel Behavior | via @L_S_B (lsb.com) – Jul 25 2017

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Travel and Tourism Statistics: The Ultimate Collection (blog.accessdevelopment.com)

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  • We at Access have compiled an ‘ultimate collection’ of statistics about all things ‘travel’ in the travel & tourism industry. Most focus on Americans who travel, answering such questions as why, where, when and how much U.S. travelers spend when they do.



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