I have been on the road for close to 5 years now and have learned a thing or two about how valuable good travel resources are. When I’m spending long periods of time in foreign places, it’s extremely important for me to have products I’m familiar with.┬áIn order to help make your travel planning a little easier we put together this page of our favourite travel resources.

A photo is worth 1000 words

Sony A7

I currently use this camera after years of using a nikon dslr. at first, i didn’t like it so much but i’ve fallen in love since learning to use it. it fits all my needs for posting online and also printing photos.

Sigma 35mm f/1.4

This lens gets the job done. It’s images are so sharp. I’m still shooting with a crop sensor (making the jump to full frame very soon)! and wanted to start upgrading my lenses. I’m so thrilled to have finally jumped aboard the Sigma train.

Nikon Df

As for film cameras, Nikon vintage camera do the job. They are truly high-quality film cameras, that I truly trust and recommend. It makes you think twice before clicking the trigger and the colors are really the best on the Df!

Active wear all day long


My most worn shoe. They are not very attractive, but the quality is incredible. Perfect for long days of walking around new city. Comfy & easy!


Nike Air Hoodie

I wear this thing everyday – traveling or not. It’s lightweight, yet has the ability to keep you cool. I’ve worn this on buses, planes, and hiking.

Longchamp Backpack

This little bag is much greater than it appears to be. I’m able to fit everything i need inside without hesitation. I normally carry this while doing day to day activities.


Keep your phone alive if needed

Blackmoss Charging Pack

One of the worst things during a long day of travel? Your phone dying. Like i said, it’s also a safety tool as a solo female traveler.


Lacie Hard Drive

I’ve got it bad, when it comes to breaking hard drives. I try to keep a durable case on my phone at all times. This case has never failed me.

Wilkins & Bower Headphones

I typically use these headphones on shorter trips. I love the sound quality and the fact that they’re stylish, yet vintage looking.